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HOWL OUT is a streetwear brand run by transgender folks! We are a small team, focused on bringing a unique twist to 'furry' through clothing, blankets and other small merch. Our mission is to use HOWL OUT to promote BIPOC and LGBTQ+ voices, and make fashion more inclusive.


HOWL OUT is run by Wolf, a transmasc Indigenous (Numunu) and Mexican artist, along with his trans non-binary partner, Azra. 

Wondering where all of HOWL OUT's designs come from? Our owner, Wolf, is the sole designer. He designs all the graphics, art, and clothing for HO. Some of our products are collaborations with other designers, and said product will note so. 

Wolf uses his platform and shop for raising awareness surrounding Indigenous injustices and fundraising for BIPOC communities. With the help of the wonderfully supportive 'furry' community, he has donated to the Indian Residential School Survivors org, to the Comanche Language and Culture Preservation Committee, to Navajo communities in need, to The Okra Project, to Two-Spirit organizations, to the fight to protect Mauna Kea, and to the fight against Line 3, a pipeline that threatens Anishinaabe treaty lands. 

If you are interested in following his work, you can view his portfolio [currently under construction] or his twitter.

We are looking to collaborate with other merch companies. If you are interested, please email Wolf at with your information. Thank you!