• I sent in a contact form, when should I expect a response?
    HOWL OUT operates Mon-Fri from 11AM-5PM CST. If you reached out to us, expect a response in 1-3 business days! If a response takes longer then 3 days, this usually means we are out of town and selling at an event. Please check the Events page to see if we are out of town!
  • When will I receive my order?
    We ship orders every start of the week (Monday-Wednesday.) If we are at an event, the order may take a bit longer as we are not at our office to fulfill the order (please check our Events page to see when we are out of town!)
    That said, orders can take 1-2 weeks to ship, as it is only a team of two of us running HOWL OUT. If your order takes longer then 4 weeks to ship, please contact HOWL OUT at We ask for patience as we continue to grow to meet demand!
  • I pre-ordered an item, when will I receive it?
    Preordered items descriptions will give you an estimated shipping period. Please make sure to read that! With preorders, delays can happen through manufacturing/shipping, so if there are any delays, we will update the product page, and post updates on our social media and telegram channel. Please check our About Us page for these links.
  • Is tracking information provided?
    Yes, tracking is provided when orders are sent out! Please check your spam folder if you haven't seen tracking or any shipping notifications.
  • What do I do if I never received my order?
    Please contact HOWL OUT at so we may refund you or reship the order.
  • What do I do if I received a defective/wrong/damaged order?
    Please contact HOWL OUT at for assistance. Depending on the defect, we can provide a reshipment/refund. If you've received the wrong item, we can ship you the correct item or provide a refund. Please provide images as proof or we cannot assist you. 

  • How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?
    Please contact HOWL OUT as soon as possible: We cannot guarantee changes if the order has been placed for longer then 24 hours. 

  • How do I cancel an order?
    Orders can be cancelled in the first 72 hours. If it has been longer then 72 hours or has already been shipped, your order more then likely can't be cancelled. Please contact us at to cancel an order.

  • Where are you located?
    HOWL OUT is located in Minnesota, US! 

  • What is the return policy?
    We accept returns within 15 days of receiving your product. We will accept returns for: products that have noticeable defects, the wrong size was shipped to you mistakenly [not the size you ordered]/the size ordered does not fit, wrong item delivered, or damaged products. Please email us at for assistance and please provide images.

    After 15 days of you receiving your order, we cannot fulfill returns. 

    We do not accept returns for the following reasons: No longer wanting the product, VERY SLIGHT [unnoticeable] product defects. [Products may have some very slight defects!]

  • I ordered the wrong size/my product doesn't fit me, what do I do?
    Please contact us to change the size! If the order has already been shipped, you'll need to return the product in new condition [original packaging, worn once, not washed by you], so we can send you the right size. Please let us know ASAP at

  • I had to pay duties on my international order?
    Yes, make sure you know your countries laws/fees when it comes to receiving international orders. HOWL OUT is not responsible for paying these duties/fees as they are on the customers end.

  • I didn't claim my package and it was returned to sender, can you resend it/can I get a refund?
    If you did not claim your package, you will need to pay for shipping again for it to be reshipped. If you want a refund, you'll only be refunded for the item, and not the shipping. 

  • I got a shipment email that says my whole order shipped, but it was missing a preorder item! What gives?
    This is due to our shipping program that automatically fullfills the whole order and marks it all as shipped, when it all hasn't been shipped. We have to manually go back into your order, and unfullfill the item(s) that are not ready to ship. You should receive another tracking email that will reflect that manual change. We understand this is confusing and can be disappointing, so we apologize! If you want to know when your preordered item will ship, please check its product page for the most up-to-date timeframe.
                                                     Product Questions

  • How do I wash my blankets?
    Machine wash in cold water using mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry! Hang dry if you can, If you must use a dryer, dry it on a low setting. Some ink may bleed on the polyester blankets, so please use colder water/a gentle cycle to avoid this!

  • My woven blanket has loose threads?
    Woven blankets will have some loose threads, especially with use! You can cut them and knot them, or if you have a needle, you can thread them under the blanket so they aren't poking out.

  • How do I wash my clothing?
    Machine wash in cold water using mild detergent and a gentle cycle. Wash with like colors, and dry with low heat setting. It helps to have the shirts inside out to help preserve the graphics.

  • My clothing doesn't fit me, can it be returned/exchanged? 
    Yes, you can return/exchange clothing if it doesn't fit you [within 15 days of receiving your order.] However, the clothing needs to be in new condition. New condition means its only been worn once, has original packaging, has not been washed by you/dirtied in anyway. We will need the product back in our hands before we process a refund/exchange. Please email us at to start a return/exchange.

  • My chest bag lost a buckle! 
    If your BITE BACK chest bag front pocket lost the buckle, we can replace it for free. Please email us with an image of the front pocket with the missing buckle, at 
    • If you do not see your question answered, please email us at or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

    *As a small business, we will not tolerate being abused by customers. If you send us abusive emails, we will cancel/refund your order, and blacklist you from our shop. Please be respectful to small businesses!